Forensic Accounting

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Forensic Accounting


Lux Analysis, LLC is a forensic accounting and fraud investigation firm based in Arizona.  Although our main office is in Chandler, we perform fraud investigations and forensic accounting throughout the United States.

Lux Analysis, LLC’s, managing director, Sarah Purifoy, has extensive experience in fraud investigations and forensic accounting. 


Forensic accounting or forensic auditing is a form of investigative accounting which examines financial records in order to find evidence for a civil lawsuit, criminal prosecution or many other circumstances.

Lux Analysis, LLC not only understands accounting principles, but also legal concepts and procedures, using investigative techniques to review the underlying records. Our findings can then be used in a court of law, or mediation and arbitration proceedings.

 Our responsibilities are to:

  • Analyze financial documents.

  • Investigate allegations of financial fraud by conducting interviews and compiling evidence.

  • Assist law enforcement in the detection of hidden assets.

  • Use knowledge of accounting principles and analysis to prepare for civil or criminal litigation.

  • Other tasks on a case-by-case basis.

When and Why

Forensic accounting services are needed in a wide variety of circumstances such as:

  • A business owner who suspects his bookkeeper of embezzling funds.

  • Governmental agencies needing assistance to prove that there has been misappropriation of assets.

  • Uncover allegedly hidden assets during divorce proceedings.

  • Trace hidden assets.

  • Investigate suspected elder financial abuse.

  • Review documents related to alleged corporate, employee and other types of fraud.

  • Assist in shareholders and partnership disputes.

  • Identity theft, etc.


Lux Analysis, LLC has established its main office in Chandler, Arizona. We perform forensic accounting and fraud investigation services throughout the United States. 

How and How Much

Lux Analysis, LLC performs its duties with discretion, independence and impartiality. Whether the assignments are criminal or civil, we may follow the same forensic accounting basics when conducting investigations. After meeting with a potential client, Ms. Purifoy plans the logistics of the investigation. We then search records, conduct interviews, with the focus on gathering information that will help us understand the financial situation at hand. How far Lux Analysis, LLC can go in the investigation will depend on the nature of the case and the number of documents that need to be analyzed.

After gathering the information, Lux Analysis, LLC will begin the analysis: trace assets, perform background investigations, review records and prepare a report and exhibits, if requested. The report details what the investigation uncovered and provides the requisite analysis on a case-by-case basis.

We provide competitively priced forensic accounting and fraud investigation services and maintain a high rate of efficiency in order to keep your fees as low as possible.

If you have more questions about forensic accounting, call us at (480) 569-3200 or submit a contact form here.